Walking Through A Dream

Session 26

We distract the giant worm (Bolette?) through a series of complicated distractions and scare it off, and make a mad dash through the end of the maze, where we slide down yet another ramp and end up on a beach east of Elmhurst. We think about heading to the town of Falshire to hide out, but the group decides it better to lay low, away from civilization, and make our contact with the potentially sympathetic Dreamlords whom Carneira was organizing for us.

We cleanse some seawater for drinking and head inland to find a secretive, defensible position to campand prepare for our meeting. A short debate ensues between Khan and Alia, as the latter accuses Vortamos’ shadowdancing as being unnatural. Alia decides not to join in on the meeting with the Dreamlords, and the others go to sleep.

Drage has an encounter in his sleep with Bahamut. [[We find that Drage is son of Bahamut and Tiamat??]] He tells Drage he will undergo the Rite of Rebirth (!). He must prove himself by undermining an agent of Tiamat. Bahamut touches Drage, and all is consumed in holy fire. “It is an honor to burn, my Lord Bahamut.”

We end up in a dream realm, where we see John Doe, who appears to be mediating the meeting. The party is hostile toward him, but the meeting commences and hostilities are mainly put aside as the Dreamlords appear. The Dreamlords say that only mortals can do what needs to be done to oppose Simikiel. The Dreamlords share a picture of the world where Simikiel and his flunkies (Thoradin, Vlad,Bavak, etc.) are amassing armies in the different places of the world.


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