Walking Through A Dream

Session 27

Vlad was in the mountains west, Thoradin was in the dwarf mountains, Bavak was in the world tree husk with the Cult of Vecna, and Dothra was in Friehet far away. We decided to head towards Hyran to seek out Zanry, but it’s a long journey. One night we hide in the large woods south of Elmhurst, and the Dryads and protectors of the forest confront us and are angered with us. We escape, but with their scorn. Days later (weeks?) we find a signpost that points us toward Hyran, where we find a wanted poster with our likenesses posted at a 100,000gp reward. On the way down this road toward Hyran, we run into a group of armed men. We unsuccessfully tried to hide, but they just laughed at us, but not recognizing us, they moved on.

We sneak around to the side of the town nearest Zanry’s house and Vortamos scales the town walls into Hyran. He startles a townsman but passes it off as if he were a town drunk and sneaks away, then makescovert entry into Zanry’s house.


sorensen_sean_m sorensen_sean_m

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