Walking Through A Dream

Session 29

Zanry offers a place for the group to sleep for the night. The floor opens up to reveal a staircase and an incredibly dusty bedroom. The group finds various places to sit and get comfortable as they await tea from Zanry. A conversation begins about how Vortamos and Aaliyah were saved as well as what people are willing to sacrifice. Aaliyah is more than willing to sacrifice and kill the cult of vecna (the people who took over her home). Kahn discusses how much he dislikes killing, but finally relents that if he were the last one alive he would kill Aetherion, but he will not slaughter an army to get to him.
Aetherion is a strong and cunning foe, who does not use force or illusion to overpower his enemies, but rather acts as a mirror, offering someone their heart’s desire. Once you have accepted that desire, you are under his control. A discussion is sparked between Aaliyah and Kaz about the world tree, which happens to be both of their homes. It was destroyed and taken over by the Cult of Vecna. Kaz remembers the day and survived by running away. His family was killed and he was captured, but they did not kill him and he escaped. Aaliyah was in the woods and doesn’t know what happened to her family. Vortamos reveals that Vivak, a member of the previous group who is now working for Aetherion, is currently at the world tree. The group decides that because Vivak is strong in magic, and thus most likely Aetherion’s strongest, if the group can break the control then they can begin to weaken Aetherion’s control.
After a long day, the group heads to sleep. Except Drage, who goes upstairs to speak with Zanry. Eventually everyone rests and wakes a few hours later. Zanry discusses their escape from town and how the group will get to the world tree. Although Zanry will not be coming with the group, he motions for the group to follow him up a spiral staircase towards their exit. It turns out that above the warehouse is a large flying machine, to which Aaliyah is extremely hesitant. No one in the group has every flown a machine such as this, but Kahn steps up to take the lead and takes the key from Zanry as everyone boards the ship. Guards are heard entering the warehouse and Zanry leaves without so much as directions or even basics on how to work the machine. Kahn and Vortamos desperately try to start the flying machine as guards are heard coming up the stairs. After managing to open the hatch that leads outside, Kahn powers up the machine and launches the machine high up in the air above the warehouse. Most of the party manages to hold on, except Kaz who is launched overboard. Luckily, his foot catches on the rope ladder as he flies over the side and hangs precariously above the warehouse. But before Drage can pull him up, Kahn (unknowing to the situation), sets the machine in forward motion at an alarming 60 miles an hour, all the while Kaz is hanging on for dear life. Drage finally manages to pull him up, and we head in the direction of the world tree.


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