Walking Through A Dream

Session 30

Heading to the southwest towards the world tree, the group begins to fall into a routine and comfortability with the flying machine as they begin their 10 day journey. Kaz manages to set a course and set the mysterious ‘autopilot’, which seems to steady the machine to a comfortable speed. The group discovers the inner workings of the ship including a dining hall with an automated food machine that creates anything you want, 6 rooms on the 2nd floor with the dining hall, and on the bottom floor, a large warehouse filled with various machines. The group finds that these are an auto-fabrication unit, which creates things just like a shop would. The group also unfortunately finds out that things cost money and Kahn is disappointed to discover a canon is much too expensive.
About a half day into the journey, the group sees a large purple magical dome in the distance to the south/southeast. Black clouds and lightning surround the purple dome, and inside it looks to be a city. The group finds out that it is the city of Waterdeep and Kaz redirects the flying machine towards the city for a closer look. Upon closer inspection, there seems to be camps set up outside of the dome and flying objects above the dome, but it impossible to see inside the dome. Vortamos reveals that the dome randomly appeared over the city 10 years ago. Kaz runs to the auto-fabrication unit and creates a spyglass in order to see the camps and flying objects better without getting any closer. Vortamos discovers that his family’s crest and flag are flying over the camps (Flag of Callen), and that flying above the dome are chromatic dragons (including red, black, and green).
After a heated discussion the group decides to avoid the dome and continue in the direction of the world tree. While the party is above deck, Drage drops below deck to his room, in which he contacts Bahamut. Kaz and Kahn can feel the intense magic taking place, but do not understand what it is. Khan consults Anna for a book from the library, and discovers that it may in fact be someone talking with a powerful being. Khan is suspicious of Drage, as he is the only party member not on deck.


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