Walking Through A Dream

Session 33

After finally finishing off the Brutes and Wings, and also getting a brief glimpse of a young shadow dragon, the group continues towards Vortamos’ house. Staying in the shadows, they head through back alleys and arrive at a clearing from which they get a clear view of the castle. It seems that the outward wall is untouched and there doesn’t seem to be any imps flying above the castle anymore. The front doors of the castle’s outer wall are smashed and wide open. The group decides to go through a secret entrance in the root cellar of a nearby house. Moving along the tunnel connected to the cellar, Vortamos pulls at a brick to reveal a passage into the conservatory of the castle. As the group enters the room, they can hear demonic voices behind the door at the other end of the room. Vortamos is able to peek into the large great room and sees dozens of demonic creatures attempting to break into a sealed off audience chamber. After a brief argument about battle strategy and an attempt to find any secret doors, Vortamos remembers an alternative route into the audience chamber. However, it is dangerous for much of the party as it travels along the roof and guards walkway. The group decides it is their best option and heads back out to the tunnel to a secret passage leading to the courtyard. Kaz nearly nearly falls to his death, but Kahn and Drage are able to pull him up. The group gets to the safety of a small tower, and descend down the spiral staircase to a walkway above the audience chamber. The entire room is bathed in a purple light and Vortamos instantly is hit with a sharp pain and headache, his sisters voice loud in his head “Help! You’re almost there!”. The group looks down into the audience chamber to see a woman kneeling on the ground covering her face with what looks to be a large claw. Nearby is an open book and the skeleton of Vortamos’ father, the King. Vortamos heads down the ladder and begins creeping closer to his sister, who remains motionless. As he gets closer to her, he shadow walks to the front of her and attempts to grab the book. She reaches out with her clawed hand, covering Vortamos’ hand and the book underneath. She looks up at Vortamos with eyes glowing a pink light, and suddenly everything around the group washes away. The group arrives, as if by teleportation, to an area of near darkness. The floor is a purple color and moves as if it is water. Vortamos’ sister appears out of the darkness, “You made it. You came back. I’m so glad”. The darkness then peels back behind her to reveal a large creature with 5 heads and the floor begins to glow.
AKA “In which the adventurers are killed by a 5 headed dragon. The End.”


sorensen_sean_m sorensen_sean_m

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