Played By: Marissa Rocks (Not Real)


Dova is a Tiefling who grew up in a very poor village. This led her to develop the desire to steal from others who appeared to be more affluent and prosperous than she. When Dova was young, there was gossip that a nameless paladin would soon be making his way through town. The paladin and his wealth of power was all anyone could talk about for days, and he came and left town within a week. During his last day in the village, Dova watched the paladin very closely. While he was buying supplies at the market, Dova could see he had a very large red jewel in his pocket. She followed him onto the road that left town and when they were a several miles out, she snuck up close in an attempt to slip the red jewel out of his pocket. The paladin, who knew he was being followed and had a hatred for Tieflings, was enraged and cast a spell that left deep, squirming scars all over Dova’s skin. She was left on the side of the road for days, when finally a warlock strolled by and revived her. When she told him about the paladin, the warlock took Dova in as an apprentice and taught her most of his magical knowledge. One day, Dova woke up and found the warlock was gone, and in his place was a large red jewel. After years of questions and research, Dova realized the warlock and the paladin were bitter rivals. She now travels to find the paladin to take revenge.

Dova wears a large red cloak to conceal the scars left on her skin, and has glowing yellow eyes that can sometimes be seen from under her hood.



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