Walking Through A Dream

Session 23

While the rest of the party is jailbreaking, Anna has an adventure. She has a conversation with herself, then takes a room at the inn. Near midnight, a gust of wind throws back the windows and throws the blankets off of her, and a man appears. The same guy with the staff and the grey streak in his hair. He says, “You are in grave danger, you must leave!” He asks her to recover the party’s gear, and meet back at his tree. So Anna sneaks out into the street and heads back to the constabulary. She casts an illusion spell to distort her image and sneak into the building. A guard sees the door open briefly, but thinks, “Meh, probably nothing.” She sneaks into the evidence room, picks the lock, and makes off with most of the party’s gear – it’s all super heavy. On the way out, she sees a dangerous assassin slaying the door guard. She hustles to the great tree.

The rest of the party breaks out of jail. Drage charges out of the front door. Alia follows Vortamos, who grabs a sword from the dead guard on the way out of the door. At the tree, Anna appears out of thin air startling the charging Dragonborn and party in tow. They make hastened reintroductions as Anna passes out their belongings. They exchange stories of how they got there. Vortamos suggests getting out of sight of prying eyes, into a doorway noticed in the side of the tree. Drage and Alea walk into the tree without another word.

Vortamos tries to light a torch, Khan says, “That’s probably not a good idea,” and Anna places light spell on the torch. Inside, the door disappears and they see green growing mossy bits around this room. The outermost ring of the room glows softly green. The man in the tree materializes again. “My name is Aldred Engelbrecht. I brought you here so you could be safe.” “Safe from what?” “Safe from the city, which seeks to destroy you. Tonight, the king was assassinated. The powers at be,the Dreaming Dark, seek to frame each of you for this. You may previously have known them as the Incubus Assemblage. They have since grown in power, despite my efforts, in the material plane.”

He assures you he thinks we’re in the material plane but cannot prove. He says Aethereon is Simikiel. He looks all kinds of fucked up in his true form, with a giant hole in the center of his head. Khan questioned if he is an elder god, and Aldred says he is as old as the dawn of the world, at least as old as the traditional pantheon of gods. Aldred himself has been around nearly 1600 years, and has been fighting the dreamlords’ interference with the material plane ever since then.

The group sleeps in the tree. Vortamos slips into Alia’s shadow and enters the Twilight Realm, meets with Carneira. Carneira says he cannot help us directly as his power is weak, but he is able to set us up with a meeting with the other dreamlords. Vortamos says ok and heads back.

Alia, meditating against the side of the room, sees brief flashes of memory as she slips in and out of her trance. She sees a magical shield around Agerais. She sees a large war against the shield. She sees a man touching the shield and an explosion of fire, people screaming, people burning, and visions of the High Priestess of Melora in flames just before she awakens in a cold sweat.

Vortamos awakens in a tiled room with red draperies. A thin, multichromatic dragonborn watches him, wearing a brightly colored outfit. He strikes a deal with Tiamat’s representative to sell the souls of the party in order to gain additional power.

The next morning, Vortamos shares that he has arranged a meeting with the other dreamlords, but we need to make it out of the city. We jumped down the rabbit hole into complete darkness (down the slide).


Session 22

The guards standoff in the street facing Drage with steel drawn. Vortamos tries to soothe the Dragonkin to stop beating open the heads of assassin corpses. The guards demand surrender while the party tries to reason with them that they were assaulted, that they shouldn’t have to surrender weapons, that Vortamos is a noble (whose house is not recognized by the guards), and eventually they take everybody except Anna into custody. Anna disguises herself as a guard and tries to bluff her way past the guards(and the guard commander who arrives after). As the guards realize her ruse and try to seize her, she stuns them and escapes to a back room to shapeshift back into her normal self. She passes herself off as a bystander and is taken in as an eyewitness while the rest of us (and Badguy #6) are taken into custody.
Meet a guy named Constable Emeril who comes to visit us in our cells. He explained that we would have to stay in holding until the investigation was concluded, and then we could be arraigned for a trial time. Khanatash asks for the special lavender-scented candles from his pack to help him sleep soundly, but they have been introduced into evidence and are under lockdown. They promise results on the morrow. Vortamos suggests keeping a guard on the Assassin. Alia asks for a healer to see to them. She does, and heals each person in turn.

Late at night, as we slumber, a mysterious wind sweeps through the hallway, the doors open, and a voice in our head says, “YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!” The robed man with the lightning staff appears in the hallway and urges us to go. Droge touches him, but his hand passes through him ephemerally. Vortamos leaps into the Assassin’s cell in an attempt to forcibly interrogate him, but the fiend impales himself on Vortamos’ dagger. Whoops. He shadowsteps out and follows Khan out the door. The guard outside the cell block lies dead at his desk. No turning back now, let’s go!

Session 21

You fought dudes and won, you killed all of them aside from one, leaving him unconscious.

Simikiel sent the assassins. Drage beats dead bodies in the street, the guards walk up and one sends a butterfly off into the air.

Session 20 (Season 3 Begin)

Vors watches us from outside the glass dome, mocking. Aetherion appears, and taunts us. He offers in turn each of us to stay in his version of reality and have everything and anything we could ever want.Vladimir and Thoradin submit and the symbol of the Incubus Assemblage appears on them, and their eyes burn blue. Vortamos and Alia attack Aetherion and are whisked away into sand on the wind.

Enhedanna (Anna) arrives on the Queen Marie. Comes up to the dockmaster and asks where to find the Library. It’s the largest building in the center of town, you can’t miss it. She gets to the grand library and proffers an invitation to an annual conference, where the librarian tells her that the conference has been cancelled, but she may want to check in with the council of mages on the east side of town. Out in the Elm Square, a strange man with a staff creepily points out her path to her.

Drage enters Elmhurst from the south. Walks toward the tree, exploring the city. A guy with a staff stands near the great tree. He runs in to a large goliath clothed in skins and leathers, with grey leathery skin and a large axe. It appears that nobody else can see or is noticing him. He nods at Drage and points him toward the east. In a blink, he disappears. Drage heads east. At the next intersection, he points him north.

Kazian (Kaz) arrives in Elmhurst from the east road. Heads to the tree. Finds an image of his brother who doesn’t seem to be acting himself. He similarly points him east the north.

Khanatash (Khan) arrived aboard a ship. He finds his way to Derpy’s Emporium of Magical Goods and Extraordinaires. He asks about the Dwarven quarter or religious section. Derpy points him east and sells him his town map. Khan sees a man with a staff at the tree. He then sees Thoradin by the tree. “Khan, you are needed.” Points east and doesn’t respond to questions. Khan is put off because Thoradin doesn’t respond to his questions. He goes to a temple to pray, Thoradin appears above him. He ends up in an infirmary, the two patients he ends up tending are Vortamos and Alia. Khan is a handsome dwarf with well-groomed red hair and green eyes. He has a slightly different dialect than the normal fare. Uses a holy symbol of Berronar Truesilver (Moradin’s GodWife) and a mace, wears chainmail.

Anna knocks on a door of a strange white house. Khan hears a knock at the door and a “Heloooo? Anyone there?” They talk about the strange compulsion that drew them each to the house, and the spirit guides. Outside, Drage runs into Kazian. A tall half-elf with a beard, wearing a brown robe and a quarterstaff. Drage is a big guy, 6’8” dragonborn, with a large two handed sword, with a defining scar on the right side of his face, nearly blinding his right eye. Drage walks in before Kaz. They talk about being drawn here, too.

Vortamos and Alia hear some voices before awakening, arguing about interference with the material plane – one of them sounds like Aetherion, that asshole. As Khan uses some herbs to revive Alia and Vortamos, they simultaneously start convulsing and spew an inky black cloud that materializes and forms into a skull of Vors. We talk for a while, trying to describe the parallel dream realms and figure out where we are and where we were. Vortamos corners a black cat and roughly chucks it out the window. The doctor who tended us comes in and says we were out for a couple months. Leaving the hospital, Alia is attacked by a few shrouded assassins. The Dreaming Dark sends its regards!

Session 18

The party had narrowly defeated the Twilight Lord and his shadow compatriots. The remnants of whom shot into Vortamos’ shadow, making him the new Twilight Lord. It is then that John Doe makes a plea to the party, now that the threat is gone; to help him take back his realm from Aetherion’s control. Carniera (Vortamos’ Shadow) obliged to transport them all there. The group happily agreed to take out Aetherion once and for all and were teleported to a new realm, which looked remarkably like Elmhurst. However, large black obelisks dot the landscape. Some are twisted with small ‘branches’. John acts somewhat hysterically and runs off towards the keep.

Session 17

The party narrowly escapes the noxious gasses in the underground barrow. They managed to retrieve some pretty nice in the process.
In the adjoining room, the party discovers a menacing pedestal with a Pink Sphere in the placed on top. Having a moment of brilliance Thordin decided to utilize the “Key”, which promptly snapped it up and turned from a blue to pinkish hue. Thoradin was very excited about this prospect, waving the key around in the air, however he accidentally let it go. This caused the key to float and shoot a pink beam into the wall, revealing a portal. The group ventured forth through the gate and soon came upon what looked like Black Adder’s Bay. The key then emitted a pulsed which healed the players, however this pulse also knocked Vladimere out. This seemingly par for the course, the rest of the party shouldered the comatose party member and continued onward towards the Church of Humbled Repentance, hoping its ability to transport the party members here would work in the opposite. Vladimere however was in the fight of his life, as the rest of his party members, which seemed to have some cohesion decided to verbally abuse each other, almost ending in the party’s dispersal. Taking a few hits in the process, Vladimere was able to pull the party together under one singular goal with his dialogue. Kill Aetherion. Waking up from his state with a renewed strength, Vladimere gained some newfound power, along with some markings on the back of his hands.
The party then met with The Shrouded one, and with some heated words, some unexpectidly coming from John Doe, the adventurers squared off with him; Ending with them being dominated and him spawning some shadow-like creatures from the pews.

Session 16

The party continued on in the barrow. Soon they found themselves against some Doomspores, in order to pass they decided that Dath-Ra would breath his mighty dragon’s breath to vaporize the mushrooms. Having been successful, they opened large double doors and encountered two individuals, one large size creature and a humanoid figure sitting on a throne-like seat. After some witty banter the party fought and narrowly defeated the pair, who in a last ditch effort exploded in a cloud of gas upon the party.

Session 15

In an unfamiliar territory and after just facing off against ghoulish creatures the party decides to start walking. Soon Alia notices that the shadow creatures that they encountered when they first arrived are following. Vortamos jumps into a nearby shadow and is faced against one not inches from his face, soon they were surrounded by seemingly hundreds or thousands of these creatures. John Doe shows up and notices Dova, says something cryptic about being purged, and is ignored by the rest of the party. A dialogue opens up between the party and the shadow creatures as one of them pulls Vortamos’ shadow into three dimensional being and begins conversing in an unknown tongue.
Vortamos at this point begins to try and piss off his own shadow and as a result is wrapped in a dark sphere, wherein he converses with his shadow and one of the creatures now known as Ruthsyl, The shadow weavers of the Twilight Lord in the Land of Twilight. Mentioning the name Aetherion made them all recoil with disgust. They soon learned of a barrow that was said to take them to the source of power for the land, assumed to be the Lord of Twilight, otherwise known as The Shrouded One. The party sought adventure and continued into the barrow.
The barrow’s structure was that of hardened dirt walls and floor. The walls in particular housed shelves of human skulls lined up in a row. Continuing on the party dodged (narrowly) a pitfall trap and managed to not kill each other against ghostly forms that possessed most the party at various times.

Session 14

The party continued on their way through the Church of Humbled Repentance and searched it thoroughly. Coming up empty handed the party ran through their options and learned of the existence of Madame Zostra, who would find you and not the other way around, and a pirate queen known as Sayara. It soon became late in the day however, so the party decided to head towards an inn. In their trip Alia noticed that they seemed to be passing a particular shop over and over again. Upon entering, they met with none other than Madame Zostra herself, after uttering a riddle of sorts that she saw in your future:
Be you ever so quick,
With vision keen,
By your eyes,
We are never seen.
Unless , perchance,
It should come to pass,
You see our reflection,
In a looking glass,

The party thought it would be best to pick up mirrors, and after doing so Bavak noticed that there might be a connection between the riddle and when he looks at himself in the mirror. The part bedded for the night, woke up without any issues and went to talk to Sayara. However upon entering the market center a mob of people over ran them chanting, " This will be the day we open up the door". With nowhere else to go the party took refuge in the Church of Humbled Repentance. Alia looks at the statue setting off a set of events.
Alia: Sees that the eyes are glowing and a beam shoots towards the floor.
Dova: Holds her hands up and it looks as though time is frozen.
Vlad: Reaches into Dova’s backpack and pulls out a book and puts into the beam of light, and stands behind it.
Vort: Holds the left side of the book.
Bavak: Holds the right side of the book. They both open the book.
It’s at this point that a shadowy figure comes out of the statue. The shrouded one; the shroud slips off and psychic energy blasts out everywhere. It is so powerful a purple gale wind can be seen.
Thoradin: Moves in between the party and the shrouded one. Puts his shield out and all of the wind blasts out to the sides.
Dathra: Reaches over puts both of his hands on the book and begins reading in an unknown language.

Suddenly the world wipes away to reveal a white space. The full ghostly figure can be seen now as a hand brings to reach out towards Thoradin. It gets extremely close when another place wipes in where you once stood and the shrouded one is gone.
Twilight douses the new location, which seems to be a dense forest. A cool breeze brushes past and one can hear the leaves rustling and trees creaking. Soon Alia senses something wrong. Something about the creaking disturbs her. She soon notices in the corner of her vision shadows floating about the trees, staring. Suddenly the party hears a whispering scream and squares off against and defeats shadowy wisp-like creatures that had descended upon them.

Session 13

The party continued on their way towards Black Adder’s Bay; they had talked in great length why they were going and prodded the new party member, Dova, as to why she was going there. Not much information was revealed, however Vortamos felt the need to draft up a contract stating " You will help us. P.S. you might die. Love, Vortamos". Dova complied to sign and the party continued onward.
After a few days trip the ship encountered a terrible storm, the party heard the clanging of metal, where they then encountered Sahuagin casters and four legged fish-dog-beasts. After a lengthy battle the ship sailed into port; whatever was left of it anyway.
The party set out into the city of Black Adder’s Bay with the intention to find the stolen goods. After some conversation they realized they have no idea what the stolen were. They resolved to cast the ritual “Hand Of Fate” and asked the following questions with responses.

Where is the stolen items?
Hand gestures to halt.
Who knows where the items are?
Hand points North.
Where is the coolest shit?
Hand points West.

Receiving little information they took to the streets to find ANY stolen goods with the Erdel symbol. Vortamos, having previous ‘knowledge’ of how to act noble, decided to purchase more regal clothes. However on the way back he bumped into a man who said “They see you as small and helpless”. The man seemed as though he was blissfully on his way.
The rest of the party acting as consultants to the ‘noble’ Vortamos, they traveled to the market square, where a man who bumped Thoradin exclaimed “They see you as just a child” and met a man named Dizurn who showed his completely legitimate wares. Finding nothing useful other than a large ruby worth a large sum of money, they resolved to other options. Shaking Dizurn’s hand, he suddenly says, “Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild” in a flat monotone voice. He returned to his normal manner and bid them good day.
With no other conceivable options they turned towards the church in the center of the market, The Church of Humbled Repentance.


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