Walking Through A Dream

Session 1

Players found themselves on a dirt road amidst a dense forest. It was a cloudy day and there was a dense fog. They noticed what seemed to be a carnival, purple and white tents littered an outcropping alongside the road. They met a man in a top hat that looked particularly odd <show>. The man proclaimed that this was the Blue Moon Carnival and he promised a variety of attractions and admittance was free. Reluctantly the group decided to proceed. Once inside the party noticed that there were no other patrons and decided to sample one of the wares contained in one of the kiosks with a frog-like man for an employee. After a few curse words towards the party and a downed beer the party continued along to two large amphitheatre-like tents, in front of which stood the man from the front. The man pronounced that inside the tent was a challenge of strength, upon hearing this Rothak bolted inside screaming nonsense akin to “THEY WILL BATHE IN MY BLOOD” and “I SHALL TRIUMPH OVER ALL”. Inside the tent the party fought 5 skeletons, two of which looked particularly nasty as they stood taller than the others and their radial and olnar bones were sharpened to a point and their bone looked as though it had been splintered. The group had taken a pounding from these creatures as one of the larger creatures exploded with numerous shards striking everyone aside from Alia. Upon completion of this battle they were ushered into the next are to receive their prize. However, once there they noticed that it was another tent. The traditional carnival style tent gave way to a grand ballroom, chandeliers and elegance covered every inch of the room. On the opposite side of the room sat what looked to be a king, queen, prince and princess and in between you and them were a myriad of high-class individuals all wearing three different types of masks. Blue smoke writing appeared in front of the party spelling out “Expose the assassin to complete the challenge, you have four chances." then disperses.


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