Walking Through A Dream

Session 10

A long Obelisk stood tall and an unknown voice egged the played onward. Each member was then forced to relive moments of their past all the while being crushed by the words of the mysterious voice. Upon reaching the top of the obelisk, each individual was offered a deal to join the Incubus Assemblage. Not one of the members were easily swayed and decended upon the bird-like creature ultimately thwarting it. As its last breath drew it uttered the words “You’d be fools to think that I’m the only one, you’d be fools to think that you’ve won.” After which the entire ‘world’ broke apart piece by piece as you all fell into darkness.

Session 9

The party was transported to a new world where the scenery is grey. They stood upon grey sand and the source-less sky was lit with grey tones. The lone structure in this new world was a black obelisk. Deciding to investigate the party moved inside the obelisk where each member had relived the past, all the while being taunted by an unknown voice. Vladimere relived his parents being killed and his sister Nya being captured. Alia was brought back to the worked tree, Agerais (Ah-Jur-Ay), being destroyed by cultists of Vecna. It was at this point that the party was attacked by these creatures. Thoradin was forced to recall him being thrown out of Kings Guard due to weakness. Bavak (???). Finally Vortamos was forced to encounter his sister Avriene and the demons who accompanied her. We rejoin the party just after their rest in the hallway about to enter another portal, this one being red.

Sessions 7-8

And then one thing led to another…

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Session 6

The party continued to assault the assassin den. After spending a total of two days, the party encountered the following: Acidic Floor Traps and wall Traps, a statue of the Shrouded One (A non-traditional god thieves, rogues and assassins. Those who share the night), upon which a plaque was placed stating: All become one within the shadows. A room filled with open cages and a trapped door handle, a room with an orb like machination and bandersnatches along with a few assassin encounters; the party also encountered a chest that was triple trapped and double locked. After the assassin den the party stepped up from the sewers to be pursued by a large contingency of assassins, deciding to travel to Derpy’s, the party managed to barely escape the ensuing band. They soon found out that Derpy’s was closed and that breaking and entering wasn’t the best of ideas they managed to seek out a town guard station. With some guidance the guards assisted the best they could as the party started toward the guard barracks and ending up at Zannry’s brother’s house; upon which they encountered Zannry, Zannry’s brother Alphonse, Alton, Majid, and Warren. They interrogated a captured assassin who revealed some enlightening information and promptly bed for the night.

Session 5

The party continued on their escape from Hyran towards the City of Elmhurst. They settled in and discussed with Zannry and Ex-Captain Warren, who suggested that they should seek audience with the king immediately. After a short tour of the city, the troop entered the keep and discussing how they should proceed. The party attempt to seek that aid of the king who promptly shared a short but daunting list of threats to the current human country of Crestfall. The dwarf than began to belittle the king’s efforts for thwarting his foes, after which the party was escorted out of the keep. A beggar-boy ran into Vladimere outside the keep, after checking his pockets he noticed a small piece of paper in his hand that read “Nine Beggars Meadhall at full moon’s light”. The party then decided to sell and buy some wares, where they met some colorful characters of Elmhurst. Alia, however decided to scope out nine-beggars and attempted to glean some information from Stry, who just happened to run the bar. The party soon joined her and waited for midnight, upon which entered the man known as Majid who discussed a plan to enlighten the parties main adversary, Aetherion. The bar was soon ambushed by a small band of assassins, who were gravely cut down by the party and Larvarious. Alton, Majid’s contact for information arrived and began to tell the party about a key that is required to open the portal which is to merge the two realms. We leave off with our heroes assaulting the assassin den, which is supposed to house said key.

Session 4

The party continued forth on their way through the rank old house, searching the library the kitchen, servant’s quarters and the dining room. In the library the party searched the bookcases and found a book with a riddle inside. In the dining room the troop encountered a vicious table, though it put up a good fight the party had the upper hand and annihilated the nasty wooden amalgamation. Upstairs they encountered an orc, two gluttons and Captain Warren who happened to be possessed. After dispatching the trio, Captain Warren had been relieved of his possession. Annoyed by your persistence Vors stepped out of the orc’s mouth and engaged you all, unsuccessfully. You all took a rest and headed back to town where you met with Sgt. Baylan where you all were charged with murder by the Duke de Corlan and managed to slip by the mercenaries that were sent for you and escape in the airship that Zannry had stored in the attic of his house.

Session 3

The party saddled up for their trip to Wayholt Manor. As they approached the house, they noticed that the scenery changed in a more morose fashion. Once at the complex they met and fought a human and a dragon that appeared to have been controlled by the man that has plagued their adventure the most thus far, Vors the Dream Designer. When the encounter came to an end, a miraculous ritual was performed by Ro to bring the Dragon and Human out of Vors’ control. The two decided to join the party to find out what happened to Capt. Warren and hopefully put an end to the madness. Entering the house; The party noticed an emblem on a sconce on one of the walls, pushing this emblem the stairs shuffled back with a loud noise. This revealed a 10 ft. hatch in the floor with some glorious treasure inside. Ignoring shuffling noises the party gathered up the materials as soon as monstrous creatures burst forth from every door connecting the room to the rest of the house. The party remains here after dispatching the enemies.

Session 2

After defeating the skeleton horde illusions, the party walked into a ballroom area and after successfully finding the necromantic “bomb” the king and princess transformed themselves into the man you’ve seen EVERYWHERE, the man named Vors by the other “Man in White”. He congratulates you on a job well done and a dark forbidding of what’s to come for you. The party wakes up in the middle of the road, again, except with weapons pointed in their direction. A conversation was struck up with a human male called “Sgt. Baylan” who ushered you into the town called Hyran. He takes you to the town artificer who was said to be the expert in “this issue”. You met another human male named Zannry, who revealed what he knew about the “infection” showing you an example of the horrors that were set upon them a few weeks prior. Zannry and Sgt. Baylan then instructed you to investigate Capt. Warren’s house, who had been investigating the incident and had gone missing. There was some indecision and hastiness to drink, however the party settled on investigating the captains home. You found the entire one story house in disarray with the exception of the bedroom. After some rummaging and furniture re-arrangement, the party came upon a journal in a hidden drawer with a journal wherein Captain Warren described his investigation leading to a place called Wayholt Manor. The party then decided that the deva should check the location of this place and the rest of the party went to fetch the dwarf at the tavern that had previously given up. At the tavern, Thoradin had reluctantly entered a drinking competition with Ro and when the two were thoroughly drunk, the party eventually went to sleep. You were woken up however by screaming and soon found your way into a fight with NOT undead transformed townsfolk. After which you went back to sleep and began a new day.

Session 1

Players found themselves on a dirt road amidst a dense forest. It was a cloudy day and there was a dense fog. They noticed what seemed to be a carnival, purple and white tents littered an outcropping alongside the road. They met a man in a top hat that looked particularly odd <show>. The man proclaimed that this was the Blue Moon Carnival and he promised a variety of attractions and admittance was free. Reluctantly the group decided to proceed. Once inside the party noticed that there were no other patrons and decided to sample one of the wares contained in one of the kiosks with a frog-like man for an employee. After a few curse words towards the party and a downed beer the party continued along to two large amphitheatre-like tents, in front of which stood the man from the front. The man pronounced that inside the tent was a challenge of strength, upon hearing this Rothak bolted inside screaming nonsense akin to “THEY WILL BATHE IN MY BLOOD” and “I SHALL TRIUMPH OVER ALL”. Inside the tent the party fought 5 skeletons, two of which looked particularly nasty as they stood taller than the others and their radial and olnar bones were sharpened to a point and their bone looked as though it had been splintered. The group had taken a pounding from these creatures as one of the larger creatures exploded with numerous shards striking everyone aside from Alia. Upon completion of this battle they were ushered into the next are to receive their prize. However, once there they noticed that it was another tent. The traditional carnival style tent gave way to a grand ballroom, chandeliers and elegance covered every inch of the room. On the opposite side of the room sat what looked to be a king, queen, prince and princess and in between you and them were a myriad of high-class individuals all wearing three different types of masks. Blue smoke writing appeared in front of the party spelling out “Expose the assassin to complete the challenge, you have four chances." then disperses.


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