Walking Through A Dream

Session 18

The party had narrowly defeated the Twilight Lord and his shadow compatriots. The remnants of whom shot into Vortamos’ shadow, making him the new Twilight Lord. It is then that John Doe makes a plea to the party, now that the threat is gone; to help him take back his realm from Aetherion’s control. Carniera (Vortamos’ Shadow) obliged to transport them all there. The group happily agreed to take out Aetherion once and for all and were teleported to a new realm, which looked remarkably like Elmhurst. However, large black obelisks dot the landscape. Some are twisted with small ‘branches’. John acts somewhat hysterically and runs off towards the keep.

Session 17

The party narrowly escapes the noxious gasses in the underground barrow. They managed to retrieve some pretty nice in the process.
In the adjoining room, the party discovers a menacing pedestal with a Pink Sphere in the placed on top. Having a moment of brilliance Thordin decided to utilize the “Key”, which promptly snapped it up and turned from a blue to pinkish hue. Thoradin was very excited about this prospect, waving the key around in the air, however he accidentally let it go. This caused the key to float and shoot a pink beam into the wall, revealing a portal. The group ventured forth through the gate and soon came upon what looked like Black Adder’s Bay. The key then emitted a pulsed which healed the players, however this pulse also knocked Vladimere out. This seemingly par for the course, the rest of the party shouldered the comatose party member and continued onward towards the Church of Humbled Repentance, hoping its ability to transport the party members here would work in the opposite. Vladimere however was in the fight of his life, as the rest of his party members, which seemed to have some cohesion decided to verbally abuse each other, almost ending in the party’s dispersal. Taking a few hits in the process, Vladimere was able to pull the party together under one singular goal with his dialogue. Kill Aetherion. Waking up from his state with a renewed strength, Vladimere gained some newfound power, along with some markings on the back of his hands.
The party then met with The Shrouded one, and with some heated words, some unexpectidly coming from John Doe, the adventurers squared off with him; Ending with them being dominated and him spawning some shadow-like creatures from the pews.

Session 16

The party continued on in the barrow. Soon they found themselves against some Doomspores, in order to pass they decided that Dath-Ra would breath his mighty dragon’s breath to vaporize the mushrooms. Having been successful, they opened large double doors and encountered two individuals, one large size creature and a humanoid figure sitting on a throne-like seat. After some witty banter the party fought and narrowly defeated the pair, who in a last ditch effort exploded in a cloud of gas upon the party.

Session 15

In an unfamiliar territory and after just facing off against ghoulish creatures the party decides to start walking. Soon Alia notices that the shadow creatures that they encountered when they first arrived are following. Vortamos jumps into a nearby shadow and is faced against one not inches from his face, soon they were surrounded by seemingly hundreds or thousands of these creatures. John Doe shows up and notices Dova, says something cryptic about being purged, and is ignored by the rest of the party. A dialogue opens up between the party and the shadow creatures as one of them pulls Vortamos’ shadow into three dimensional being and begins conversing in an unknown tongue.
Vortamos at this point begins to try and piss off his own shadow and as a result is wrapped in a dark sphere, wherein he converses with his shadow and one of the creatures now known as Ruthsyl, The shadow weavers of the Twilight Lord in the Land of Twilight. Mentioning the name Aetherion made them all recoil with disgust. They soon learned of a barrow that was said to take them to the source of power for the land, assumed to be the Lord of Twilight, otherwise known as The Shrouded One. The party sought adventure and continued into the barrow.
The barrow’s structure was that of hardened dirt walls and floor. The walls in particular housed shelves of human skulls lined up in a row. Continuing on the party dodged (narrowly) a pitfall trap and managed to not kill each other against ghostly forms that possessed most the party at various times.

Session 14

The party continued on their way through the Church of Humbled Repentance and searched it thoroughly. Coming up empty handed the party ran through their options and learned of the existence of Madame Zostra, who would find you and not the other way around, and a pirate queen known as Sayara. It soon became late in the day however, so the party decided to head towards an inn. In their trip Alia noticed that they seemed to be passing a particular shop over and over again. Upon entering, they met with none other than Madame Zostra herself, after uttering a riddle of sorts that she saw in your future:
Be you ever so quick,
With vision keen,
By your eyes,
We are never seen.
Unless , perchance,
It should come to pass,
You see our reflection,
In a looking glass,

The party thought it would be best to pick up mirrors, and after doing so Bavak noticed that there might be a connection between the riddle and when he looks at himself in the mirror. The part bedded for the night, woke up without any issues and went to talk to Sayara. However upon entering the market center a mob of people over ran them chanting, " This will be the day we open up the door". With nowhere else to go the party took refuge in the Church of Humbled Repentance. Alia looks at the statue setting off a set of events.
Alia: Sees that the eyes are glowing and a beam shoots towards the floor.
Dova: Holds her hands up and it looks as though time is frozen.
Vlad: Reaches into Dova’s backpack and pulls out a book and puts into the beam of light, and stands behind it.
Vort: Holds the left side of the book.
Bavak: Holds the right side of the book. They both open the book.
It’s at this point that a shadowy figure comes out of the statue. The shrouded one; the shroud slips off and psychic energy blasts out everywhere. It is so powerful a purple gale wind can be seen.
Thoradin: Moves in between the party and the shrouded one. Puts his shield out and all of the wind blasts out to the sides.
Dathra: Reaches over puts both of his hands on the book and begins reading in an unknown language.

Suddenly the world wipes away to reveal a white space. The full ghostly figure can be seen now as a hand brings to reach out towards Thoradin. It gets extremely close when another place wipes in where you once stood and the shrouded one is gone.
Twilight douses the new location, which seems to be a dense forest. A cool breeze brushes past and one can hear the leaves rustling and trees creaking. Soon Alia senses something wrong. Something about the creaking disturbs her. She soon notices in the corner of her vision shadows floating about the trees, staring. Suddenly the party hears a whispering scream and squares off against and defeats shadowy wisp-like creatures that had descended upon them.

Session 13

The party continued on their way towards Black Adder’s Bay; they had talked in great length why they were going and prodded the new party member, Dova, as to why she was going there. Not much information was revealed, however Vortamos felt the need to draft up a contract stating " You will help us. P.S. you might die. Love, Vortamos". Dova complied to sign and the party continued onward.
After a few days trip the ship encountered a terrible storm, the party heard the clanging of metal, where they then encountered Sahuagin casters and four legged fish-dog-beasts. After a lengthy battle the ship sailed into port; whatever was left of it anyway.
The party set out into the city of Black Adder’s Bay with the intention to find the stolen goods. After some conversation they realized they have no idea what the stolen were. They resolved to cast the ritual “Hand Of Fate” and asked the following questions with responses.

Where is the stolen items?
Hand gestures to halt.
Who knows where the items are?
Hand points North.
Where is the coolest shit?
Hand points West.

Receiving little information they took to the streets to find ANY stolen goods with the Erdel symbol. Vortamos, having previous ‘knowledge’ of how to act noble, decided to purchase more regal clothes. However on the way back he bumped into a man who said “They see you as small and helpless”. The man seemed as though he was blissfully on his way.
The rest of the party acting as consultants to the ‘noble’ Vortamos, they traveled to the market square, where a man who bumped Thoradin exclaimed “They see you as just a child” and met a man named Dizurn who showed his completely legitimate wares. Finding nothing useful other than a large ruby worth a large sum of money, they resolved to other options. Shaking Dizurn’s hand, he suddenly says, “Surprise when they find out that a warrior will soon run wild” in a flat monotone voice. He returned to his normal manner and bid them good day.
With no other conceivable options they turned towards the church in the center of the market, The Church of Humbled Repentance.

Session 12

The party had defeated Aetherion, for now at least. In talking with Warren tells you that they were investigating the reason behind Aetherion’s plot when they uncovered a different plot to attack the city of Elmhurst. In an attempt to defend the city, King Joral pulled all of his men back to defend the capital leaving the other issues exposed to further infestation. The King gave you a place to stay for the night; however that night you ran into a cat who had transported you to a town where buildings were floating in the air. The party then met John Doe, who was just as surprised to see you as you to him. After numerous questions and attempts to barter. John reveals a legend involving the Dream Lord Aetherion and the few heroes who would defeat him and separate the dream realm from the material plane forever. These individuals were so called The Protector, The Bringer of Light, The Bringer of Darkness, The Harmonizer, The Outlander, The Pathfinder, and The Purifier.
The party then awoke, recovery efforts began and several funerals had taken place over the course of the next few weeks. The king then proceeds to ask your assistance in taking down some pirates that have been stealing equipment sent from Juuntal, a city across the sea that is known for its magical enchantments. The party then decided to try and find a ship that would safely take them to Black Adder’s Bay, a city full of pirates. In talking with the local townsfolk they come across a man named murcheck who directed to Dashing Jack who has agreed to give them passage.

Session 11

The party woke up along the side of a road amidst the rain and cold. Once again they are joined together with Dathra. They explained what had occurred two both parties and continued onward towards an intersection and noticed a house burning with a man running. They then turned their focus to the woman staring at them from the first story window at the intersection. Upon further inspection and entering the house the party noticed that there was some dried blood and that appeared to the be dragged under a door behind the kitchen. The party steeled themselves and continued onward. They met a half transformed woman who explained to the her predicament, " They said there was some infection, that we should stay indoors. People began disappearing so we hid here. They said if those infected had recurring dreams and that those people should be quarantined, I….I just wanted my family to be safe.” “I…I did this, I don’t want to become one of them! Please!”. With some reluctance the party provided relief for the woman. She thanked them with her parting words.
Continuing on the group decided that it would be best to report back to Zannry, continuing up the hill they found that Alphonse’s house (Zannry’s brother) was empty. save for some paper, where upon investigation revealed that it was mathematics related to special formations. The party ventured forth to the keep where they came upon numerous bodies and a large obelisk. Transformed humanoids, town guards, Ruby Dragoon as well as the bodies of Zannry, who had been impaled upon the obelisk by a spear, and Alphonse who had been standing upon death. The party laid the bodies down and heard voices from within.
They came upon the one and only Aetherion interrogating members of royalty for the key. As you enter he demands the key from you. A large scale battle ensues where the party is forced to fend off shadow ghouls and Aetherion and soon face him as a dragon. In the process half of the keep is destroyed. The barrier around the royalty dissipates as Warren proclaims “Thank the Gods, where have you been.”

Session 10

A long Obelisk stood tall and an unknown voice egged the played onward. Each member was then forced to relive moments of their past all the while being crushed by the words of the mysterious voice. Upon reaching the top of the obelisk, each individual was offered a deal to join the Incubus Assemblage. Not one of the members were easily swayed and decended upon the bird-like creature ultimately thwarting it. As its last breath drew it uttered the words “You’d be fools to think that I’m the only one, you’d be fools to think that you’ve won.” After which the entire ‘world’ broke apart piece by piece as you all fell into darkness.

Session 9

The party was transported to a new world where the scenery is grey. They stood upon grey sand and the source-less sky was lit with grey tones. The lone structure in this new world was a black obelisk. Deciding to investigate the party moved inside the obelisk where each member had relived the past, all the while being taunted by an unknown voice. Vladimere relived his parents being killed and his sister Nya being captured. Alia was brought back to the worked tree, Agerais (Ah-Jur-Ay), being destroyed by cultists of Vecna. It was at this point that the party was attacked by these creatures. Thoradin was forced to recall him being thrown out of Kings Guard due to weakness. Bavak (???). Finally Vortamos was forced to encounter his sister Avriene and the demons who accompanied her. We rejoin the party just after their rest in the hallway about to enter another portal, this one being red.


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