Walking Through A Dream

Session 17

The party narrowly escapes the noxious gasses in the underground barrow. They managed to retrieve some pretty nice in the process.
In the adjoining room, the party discovers a menacing pedestal with a Pink Sphere in the placed on top. Having a moment of brilliance Thordin decided to utilize the “Key”, which promptly snapped it up and turned from a blue to pinkish hue. Thoradin was very excited about this prospect, waving the key around in the air, however he accidentally let it go. This caused the key to float and shoot a pink beam into the wall, revealing a portal. The group ventured forth through the gate and soon came upon what looked like Black Adder’s Bay. The key then emitted a pulsed which healed the players, however this pulse also knocked Vladimere out. This seemingly par for the course, the rest of the party shouldered the comatose party member and continued onward towards the Church of Humbled Repentance, hoping its ability to transport the party members here would work in the opposite. Vladimere however was in the fight of his life, as the rest of his party members, which seemed to have some cohesion decided to verbally abuse each other, almost ending in the party’s dispersal. Taking a few hits in the process, Vladimere was able to pull the party together under one singular goal with his dialogue. Kill Aetherion. Waking up from his state with a renewed strength, Vladimere gained some newfound power, along with some markings on the back of his hands.
The party then met with The Shrouded one, and with some heated words, some unexpectidly coming from John Doe, the adventurers squared off with him; Ending with them being dominated and him spawning some shadow-like creatures from the pews.


sorensen_sean_m sorensen_sean_m

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