Walking Through A Dream

Session 22

The guards standoff in the street facing Drage with steel drawn. Vortamos tries to soothe the Dragonkin to stop beating open the heads of assassin corpses. The guards demand surrender while the party tries to reason with them that they were assaulted, that they shouldn’t have to surrender weapons, that Vortamos is a noble (whose house is not recognized by the guards), and eventually they take everybody except Anna into custody. Anna disguises herself as a guard and tries to bluff her way past the guards(and the guard commander who arrives after). As the guards realize her ruse and try to seize her, she stuns them and escapes to a back room to shapeshift back into her normal self. She passes herself off as a bystander and is taken in as an eyewitness while the rest of us (and Badguy #6) are taken into custody.
Meet a guy named Constable Emeril who comes to visit us in our cells. He explained that we would have to stay in holding until the investigation was concluded, and then we could be arraigned for a trial time. Khanatash asks for the special lavender-scented candles from his pack to help him sleep soundly, but they have been introduced into evidence and are under lockdown. They promise results on the morrow. Vortamos suggests keeping a guard on the Assassin. Alia asks for a healer to see to them. She does, and heals each person in turn.

Late at night, as we slumber, a mysterious wind sweeps through the hallway, the doors open, and a voice in our head says, “YOU NEED TO LEAVE NOW!” The robed man with the lightning staff appears in the hallway and urges us to go. Droge touches him, but his hand passes through him ephemerally. Vortamos leaps into the Assassin’s cell in an attempt to forcibly interrogate him, but the fiend impales himself on Vortamos’ dagger. Whoops. He shadowsteps out and follows Khan out the door. The guard outside the cell block lies dead at his desk. No turning back now, let’s go!


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