Walking Through A Dream

Session 32

Now that the party is inside the purple dome, they realize that they have entered the astral sea. There is a haze of smoke that lies both above and ahead, obscuring anything in the distance. Lining the cobblestone street, street lamps and stone buildings loom overhead. Drage is the first to walk towards the smoke, finding out that he can pass through without harm. The environment is calm, with no breeze, and it is light, as if there were a moon but there isn’t one. The buildings seem to be in good shape and Drage opens the door to a building close to the party. “I don’t think we are in Crestfall anymore”, Kaz quips. The party can see a massive castle in the distance, which has sustained heavy damage due to the large blackened chunk missing from the side. Small, winged creatures (about 6-8) are flying above the castle. Sensing danger, Vortamos ushers everyone inside the 2-story house that Drage had opened the door of. The party realizes that confronting Vortamos’ sister is the only way out, and that they must head towards Vortamos’ home, about a 3-1/2 hour walk from their current location. Drage and Vortamos search the house for any signs of people or supplies. While Vortamos is in an upstairs bedroom he uses his spyglass to get a closer look at the flying creatures and soon realizes that they are Assassin Imps, evil and cunning creatures. The party exits the house quietly and slips down to a side street (Cooper street). Traveling for about 45 minutes on the road, everything looks the same and it seems that no one is around or in any of the houses. As the party approaches a T intersection at the end of Cooper street, they see a large fire and hear awful sounds. They decide to head North toward the high road and use Anna’s camouflage spell to stay hidden in the shadows along the buildings. As the party heads down the high road, Vortamos and Kaz hear a strange alien sound just before a large creature grabs a zombie creature in its mouth, dropping the remains on the street in front of us. The party continues along the south edge of the high road, and attempt to cross quietly across to a side road to the south. Unfortunately, Drage trips just as two large monsters: Brutes and Wings step out from around a building onto the street. Vortamos and the party decide to attack. As Anna, Kaz, Kahn retreat in a back alley, cornered by Brutes and Wings, out of nowhere a blast of acid comes from the south taking out one of the Brutes, and one of the Wings is dragged off.


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