Walking Through A Dream

Session 20 (Season 3 Begin)

Vors watches us from outside the glass dome, mocking. Aetherion appears, and taunts us. He offers in turn each of us to stay in his version of reality and have everything and anything we could ever want.Vladimir and Thoradin submit and the symbol of the Incubus Assemblage appears on them, and their eyes burn blue. Vortamos and Alia attack Aetherion and are whisked away into sand on the wind.

Enhedanna (Anna) arrives on the Queen Marie. Comes up to the dockmaster and asks where to find the Library. It’s the largest building in the center of town, you can’t miss it. She gets to the grand library and proffers an invitation to an annual conference, where the librarian tells her that the conference has been cancelled, but she may want to check in with the council of mages on the east side of town. Out in the Elm Square, a strange man with a staff creepily points out her path to her.

Drage enters Elmhurst from the south. Walks toward the tree, exploring the city. A guy with a staff stands near the great tree. He runs in to a large goliath clothed in skins and leathers, with grey leathery skin and a large axe. It appears that nobody else can see or is noticing him. He nods at Drage and points him toward the east. In a blink, he disappears. Drage heads east. At the next intersection, he points him north.

Kazian (Kaz) arrives in Elmhurst from the east road. Heads to the tree. Finds an image of his brother who doesn’t seem to be acting himself. He similarly points him east the north.

Khanatash (Khan) arrived aboard a ship. He finds his way to Derpy’s Emporium of Magical Goods and Extraordinaires. He asks about the Dwarven quarter or religious section. Derpy points him east and sells him his town map. Khan sees a man with a staff at the tree. He then sees Thoradin by the tree. “Khan, you are needed.” Points east and doesn’t respond to questions. Khan is put off because Thoradin doesn’t respond to his questions. He goes to a temple to pray, Thoradin appears above him. He ends up in an infirmary, the two patients he ends up tending are Vortamos and Alia. Khan is a handsome dwarf with well-groomed red hair and green eyes. He has a slightly different dialect than the normal fare. Uses a holy symbol of Berronar Truesilver (Moradin’s GodWife) and a mace, wears chainmail.

Anna knocks on a door of a strange white house. Khan hears a knock at the door and a “Heloooo? Anyone there?” They talk about the strange compulsion that drew them each to the house, and the spirit guides. Outside, Drage runs into Kazian. A tall half-elf with a beard, wearing a brown robe and a quarterstaff. Drage is a big guy, 6’8” dragonborn, with a large two handed sword, with a defining scar on the right side of his face, nearly blinding his right eye. Drage walks in before Kaz. They talk about being drawn here, too.

Vortamos and Alia hear some voices before awakening, arguing about interference with the material plane – one of them sounds like Aetherion, that asshole. As Khan uses some herbs to revive Alia and Vortamos, they simultaneously start convulsing and spew an inky black cloud that materializes and forms into a skull of Vors. We talk for a while, trying to describe the parallel dream realms and figure out where we are and where we were. Vortamos corners a black cat and roughly chucks it out the window. The doctor who tended us comes in and says we were out for a couple months. Leaving the hospital, Alia is attacked by a few shrouded assassins. The Dreaming Dark sends its regards!


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