Walking Through A Dream

Session 31

We land under darkness and secure the airship. As dawn breaks, we disembark and activate the active camouflage system. Khan and Drage try to use the magical platform, and fail, end up using the rope ladder. Auto gives Kaz a map marked with the location of the ship.

Kaz’s favorite color is blue.

On the journey, Vortamos is questioned about his history with Waterdeep and what happened to his family. And if he had any affiliation with dragons. He says the plan is for him to go check out the camp alone and if things go south he’s more likely to get away.

Vortamos decrees himself a king, jokingly, but Kaz takes it f’real and asks if he can be a knight. Thus is made, “Sir Kaz”

That night, during Alia’s watch, the alarm is not tripped but she sees a giant snakelike scaly creature surround the camp and she wakes the others. Vortamos tries to light a sunrod but a deep voice recoils and the light winks out. Drage talks with it in draconic, he names himself as Nerroth, and says her Queen wants all of them. The party mildly freaks out, and decides to move to a more hide-able location, thendecides to move in the night toward the dome.

We move through the night, and at dawn we reach the outskirts of an encampment. Vortamos goes in solo and tries to get information from an old woman refugee, no luck. He goes in toward the command tent and meets his cousin Arbor. Arbor tells them they’ve recently gathered up the remaining loyalist to the House of Callens and refugees from Waterdeep to attempt to break into the dome. He gets a splitting headache and a vision of Avriene enters his mind. Brother? Where are you brother? Help me! The group rests in Arbor’s tent for a few hours, and he gives Vortamos a necklace with the sigil of House Callens. They have Arbor delay his daily assault to approach and examine the dome.

As Vortamos touches the purple shield, it wobbles and the dome envelops the party and sweeps them in. From the inside, they see the flight of dragons swoop down to attack the refugee camp outside.


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